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D.L. Hughley Vs. Mo’Nique: A Sad Day In Comedy [VIDEO]

Even though it has nothing to do with me, it’s really hurtful to see D.L. Hughley and Mo’Nique beefin’. D.L. is one of my mentors, and I started out in comedy with Mo’Nique, and all this makes my nerves bad.
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One Of The Best Weekends Of My Life [VIDEO]

I'm trying not to get emotional, but I'm really enjoying my weekend with my friends.

What A Sad Time We Are Living In [VIDEO]

How can you be pro-life and not support gun laws that will save lives? Stay prayed up, but get out and vote because we gotta do something about these gun laws.
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Having The Time Of My Life! [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley and his family are having the time of their lives on a Disney Cruise!
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Ms. Jannie Takes Over My Live With Nina Turner! [VIDEO]

I don't know how she did it, but Ms. Jannie ended up on my Facebook Live with Nina Turner!

How Will Smith Should Have Handled His Situation With Chris Rock [VIDEO]

Will Smith should be arrested for what he did to Chris Rock. That was assault.
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Learning How To Make A Latte [VIDEO]

My daughter Aaryn works at Starbucks, and this weekend she showed me how to make a latte.

You Can Get Through The Loss Of Loved Ones [VIDEO]

Everything you’re going through now, our grandparents went through with less resources and survived.

I Lost A Family Member [VIDEO]

I’m not dealing in grief and sadness… I’m angry. If you don’t believe in the Coronavirus vaccine, don’t take up space in the hospital since they're going to treat you with things you haven't researched.
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Feeding & Petting Sharks [VIDEO]

A lot of people can’t say they’ve touched a shark before!