My New Favorite Restaurant [VIDEO]

Have you ever ate at Quickie's?? They have everything and everybody is so nice. If you’re ever in Hollywood, make sure you go to Quickie's!! They ain’t real quick, but you gonna eat it quick!!!!

Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney Is Disrespectful & Tone Deaf [VIDEO]

Clemson University Head Football Coach Dabo Swinney is disrespectful and tone deaf for wearing a "Football Matters" shirt while people are protesting all over the world. If these universities and coaches are not standing up for Black Lives Matter,…
Drew Brees

My Reaction To Drew Brees’ Comments About NFL Players Taking A Knee [VIDEO]

Drew Brees has a right to his opinion about NFL players taking a knee, and so do I. Thank God for people like LeBron James for taking a stand and for always speaking up.

After Speaking At The Black Lives Matter Rally [VIDEO]

Speaking at the Black Lives Matter rally yesterday in Birmingham was beautiful because it was almost like I felt the spirit of my ancestors, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy and so many more. Just glad I was able to be there and participate.…

If You Get Detained By The Police… [VIDEO]

It’s better to be arrested than to get into it with a police officer who might be racist. Do not have court on the side of the road.
Rickey Smiley, Malik Smiley
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Terrified To Send My Son Back To School [VIDEO]

Trying to keep my son Malik safe if he gets pulled over. Hope these tips help you. It ain’t about missing him, it’s just the fear. I’m just totally terrified of him getting pulled over and what kind of police officer he’ll come in contact…