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How The First Black Bachelorette Found Out Her Marriage Was Over [VIDEO]

Here's Garys Tea about the end of the first Black Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's marriage. Full show:
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Donald Trumped Injured During Pennsylvania Rally [VIDEO]

According to the Secret Service, Donald Trump is safe after this incident in Pennsylvania. What are your thoughts?
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The Challenge Joe Biden Should Accept From Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Do you think President Joe Biden will accept any of the challenges from Donald J. Trump? Full show:

Bill Bellamy Pranks Rickey Smiley’s Audience! [VIDEO]

Bill Bellamy surprised my audience in Orlando last night!

Conversation With Strangers At The Airport [VIDEO]

Here's a hilarious video by Roz The Extraordinaire!
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Rita Brent Parodies Singer Who Over-Enunciated LaShun Pace’s “I Know I’ve Been Changed” [VIDEO]

Rita Brent remixed this Gospel singer's performance of "I Know I've Been Changed" by LaShun Pace, and it's really funny! Full show:

JP Sweets Sings Anita Baker “Angel” [VIDEO]

Listen to these vocals as JP Sweets sings "Angel" by Anita Baker at the StarDome!
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What Changed For Rickey Smiley After He Lost His Son [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley's world totally changed after he lost his son Brandon last year. Here's part of Rickey's conversation with Shelby Stewart at Essence Fest about his new book "Sideshow." "Sideshow" Release Date: 09/17/24 Pre-Order Here See…
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Rickey Smiley’s Essence Fest Interview [FULL VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley was in New Orleans yesterday for Essence Fest! Watch his full interview with Shelby Stewart below. "Sideshow" Release Date: 09/17/24 Pre-Order: Click Here Celebration Of Brandon Smiley: Video Here
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Church March-In Songs [VIDEO]

Here are some classic church songs!

Leondria “Lee” Sings Deniece Williams’ “Silly” [VIDEO]

Thanks to Leondria "Lee" for ending this Karaoke Night in Atlanta on a high note with "Silly" by Denise Williams!