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Ms. Jannie Takes Over My Live With Nina Turner! [VIDEO]

I don't know how she did it, but Ms. Jannie ended up on my Facebook Live with Nina Turner!

Can Ms. Jannie Still Drive At 84? [VIDEO]

Ms. Jannie turned 84 this year, but can she still drive well? Rickey finally convinced her to get behind the wheel!

Trina Ellis Sings Glenn Jones’ “I’ve Been Searchin’” [VIDEO]

Ms. Jannie pulled out some panties for Trina Ellis while Trina sang "I've Been Searchin'" by Glenn Jones at the Stardome!

Ms. Jannie On FaceTime [VIDEO]

I shouted Ms. Jannie out on FaceTime before I went onstage in Biloxi!

Ms. Jannie Prostitution Prank [VIDEO]

Ms. Jannie didn't give the reaction from this prank that I expected her to give! 😂😂😂

Celebrating My Grandson & Granddaughter’s Birthdays! [VIDEO]

I had some friends and family come over to celebrate Storm's 2nd birthday and Grayson's 5th birthday!

Me & Ms. Jannie Talk To My Daughter About Her Natural Hair [VIDEO]

I picked up my 20-year-old daughter Aaryn from the airport with Ms. Jannie, and we both really liked seeing her beautiful natural hair.
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Ms. Jannie Sings Beyonce’s “Love On Top” | Rickey Smiley Karaoke Night [VIDEO]

Here's Ms. Jannie singing "Love On Top" by Beyonce as you've NEVER heard it before!

Questions For Ms. Jannie [VIDEO]

My team had some questions for Ms. Jannie, and here's what she said about me and my granddaddy. ❤️