Where To See Rickey Smiley In Detroit

If you're in Detroit, come see Rickey Smiley, Sean Larkins, Howie Bell and Shaun Jones at Music Hall Detroit on Saturday, June 3rd!

Stunt Man For What?!

Some think Rickey Smiley used a stunt man to make this Janet Jackson video. Here's proof that he didn't!

Sticking Beside Him

Here's a funny remix of a Rickey Smiley video. Click here to watch it!

Idea For Deion Sanders’ Replacement At Jackson State University

What do you think about Rickey Smiley's idea for who should replace Deion Sanders as the head football coach at Jackson State University? Watch this!

Rickey Smiley Shopping In Atlanta

Rickey Smiley after getting his shop on at Pure in Atlanta. Watch!

First Thing I Wanna Say… [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley meant every word in this video.

How To Make Chef Boudreaux’s Galbi Jjim (Korean Style Short Ribs) [VIDEO]

Here's Chef Boudreaux showing you how to make Korean Style Short Ribs aka Galbi Jjim

I Look Like Frankie Beverly? [VIDEO]

Gary With Da Tea's out here looking like a Great Value version of Arsenio Hall saying Rickey Smiley looks like Frankie Beverly from Maze because of his white hat and outfit!

A Little History Lesson If You’re Mad [VIDEO]

People are mad about Target and stores getting burned down. What about Black Wall Street?? And we can’t forget about the 4 little girls that were killed in Birmingham when the Ku Klux Klan put a bomb in church while they were attending Sunday…