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Rickey Smiley Singing Force M.D.s’ “Tender Love” & Playing Piano [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley didn't remember how to play the whole song, but here's a little bit of him performing "Tender Love" by Force M.D.s!
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Rickey Smiley Sings The Commodores’ “Easy” With Rita Brent & Alton Walker [VIDEO]

Remember "Easy" by The Commodores? Watch Rita Brent, Alton Walker and Rickey Smiley sing it together while Rickey plays piano!
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Rickey Smiley Plays “The Young & The Restless” Theme Song On Piano [VIDEO]

Here's Rickey Smiley playing the theme song to everybody's grandmama's favorite soap opera!
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Rickey Smiley Plays “Walk With Me” On The Piano While Rita Brent Sings! [VIDEO]

Watch Rickey Smiley and Rita Brent having some fun backstage last weekend in Gainesville, Florida!!
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Rickey Smiley Plays Piano For Beverly Crawford As She Sings “He’s Done Enough” [VIDEO]

The legendary Beverly Crawford came to Rickey Smiley's show in Gainesville and they had a blast!
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Playing Piano To “Jesus Can Work It Out” By Dr. Charles G. Hayes & The Warriors Feat. Dianne Williams [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley started playing Dr. Charles G. Hayes & The Warriors Feat. Dianne Williams' "Jesus Can Work It Out" on piano, but he wishes the song was in B Flat.
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Playing Piano To The Mississippi Mass Choir’s “When I Rose This Morning” [VIDEO]

The Mississippi Mass Choir's "When I Rose This Morning" shifted the atmosphere in the studio and Rickey Smiley jumped behind the piano to play along!
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Playing Piano & Singing With Stephanie Mills! [VIDEO]

Me, Stephanie Mills and Pastor Frederick Haynes had a good time on AND off the air!