Rickey Smiley’s Son Brandon Passed Away [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley went live on social media to talk about the loss of his son Brandon. Please keep Rickey and his family in your prayers.

Coming To The Stage In Orlando [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley was happy to see so many people in Orlando this weekend!
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Rickey Smiley Introducing His Grandson To The Audience In Albany, GA [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley brought his grandson Grayson to the stage this weekend in Albany, Georgia to introduce him to the audience.

Rickey Smiley Go Karting With His Grandson

Watch Rickey Smiley and his grandson having a great time riding in go karts in Orlando!
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Why Grandparenting Means So Much To Rickey Smiley [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley really misses his granddaughter Storm.

Marvin Sapp Classic Shifts The Atmosphere At The StarDome! | Rickey Smiley Karaoke Night [VIDEO]

Watch the audience's reaction after the remix to "Never Would Have Made It" by Marvin Sapp came on at the StarDome!
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Rickey Smiley Teaching His Grandson To Get Around The Airport [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley showed his grandson Grayson how to get to the proper gate at the airport.

Since Rickey Smiley Can’t Call Everyone He Would Like To Thank… [AUDIO]

Rickey Smiley extends his gratitude to the people have been so sincere and kind to him since his son Brandon passed away.

Real Conversation With Sistas [VIDEO]

Are you doing what's in the best interest of your child? There are some good men out here who really want to be good coparents.

Rickey Smiley In Augusta, GA: On & Off Stage Moments [VIDEO]

Take a look at these highlights from Rickey Smiley's recent show in Augusta, Georgia!