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God’s Gonna Get Big Chris A Job! [VIDEO]

You might be able to see Big Chris regularly at Family Dollar if he gets this job!

Big Chris Sings Ronald Isley & The Isley Brothers Feat. 2 Chainz’s “The Plug” [VIDEO]

Watch Big Chris sing "The Plug" by Mr. Big aka Ronald Isley & The Isley Brothers featuring 2 Chainz at the StarDome!

Rickey Smiley Talks About Sundress Season [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley talked about sundress season during Karaoke Night at the StarDome!
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Rickey Smiley’s Conversation With Big Chris [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley wanted to go home and go to sleep after Karaoke Night at the StarDome, but Big Chris wanted to talk.
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Ms. Jannie Gets Frisky As Punisher Sings Don Louis’ “Neon You” [VIDEO]

Ms. Jannie was buying what Punisher was selling last night at the StarDome!

How Grown Folks Have A Good Time [VIDEO]

Some students from the Maranathan Academy come out to Rickey Smiley's last Karaoke Night at the StarDome, and they experienced how grown folks have a good time!

Harlan Sings Jeffrey Osborne’s “Only Human” & Gives Encore Performance! [VIDEO]

Harlan didn't seem like the type to sing and old school love song, but he did a good job singing "Only Human" by Jeffrey Osborne at the Dania Improv!
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A Song Kids Need To Learn [VIDEO]

Teach this to your kids instead of Sexyy Red songs!

Daniel Sings Prince’s “Darling Nikki” To Ms. Jannie [VIDEO]

Daniel made some interesting sounds while he serenaded Ms. Jannie with Prince's "Darling Nikki" at the StarDome!

Karaoke Night So Lit! [VIDEO]

Karaoke Night at the Dania Improv was a whole vibe last month, so don't miss Rickey Smiley's next event there on March 12th! Tickets here.

Is Big Chris Wearing Donald Trump Shoes? [VIDEO]

FunnyMaine thinks Big Chris is wearing DonaldvTrump shoes in this video!

Carmen Performs LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad” [VIDEO]

As you see during Carmen's performance of "Bad" by LL Cool J, KaraokeNight at Stillman College was LIT!

Rickey Smiley Dispels Myth About Black Men [VIDEO]

The myth about most Black men not being in their kids' lives just isn't true.

Willie Mo Freestyles! [VIDEO]

Should Rickey Smiley have more people freestyle during his Karaoke Night?