Why Are People Mad About The Weeknd? [VIDEO]

The Weeknd did a really good job at the Super Bowl… his music is good/weird!! Sometimes as a people we are too stuck in our ways.
Rickey Smiley

Positive Male Role Models Do Exist [VIDEO]

If a man is good enough to buy clothes and take care of kids, why isn't he good enough to discipline them when they get out of order?? Here's the entire conversation on the show about this situation: If you're lucky enough to have someone love…

Everything Wendy Williams Said On “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” [VIDEO]

We love Wendy Williams, and we had her on the show today to talk about her Lifetime biopic "Wendy Williams: The Movie." Da Brat, Eva Marcille, Gary With Da Tea and I spoke to Wendy about the loss of her mother, her health, dealing with abuse,…
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Church Announcements: The Man Who Was Passed Around More Than The Offering Plate [VIDEO]

Bernice Jenkins has your Church Announcements and talks about Sister Pat Ross getting a divorce from her husband Cedric because he's been passed around this church more than the offering plate!

Kountry Wayne Tells What Motivated Him To Make Videos [INTERVIEW]

I absolutely love watching Kountry Wayne's videos on social media!! We had him on the show yesterday, so take a listen to our conversation with him!!

The Fly On Mike Pence’s Head Calls The Show! [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

The fly that spent over 2 minutes on Mike Pence's head last night during his debate with Kamala Harris had people talking, so we had to talk to the fly this morning on the show when it called in!! 😂😂😂😂

My Daughter Got Shot [VIDEO]

My youngest daughter Aaryn was shot three times this past weekend, and I talked about it this morning during Gary With Da Tea's segment. Thank you to everyone who's keeping her lifted in prayer, and to everyone who has sent well wishes her way.…

D.L. Hughley Tells What A White Couple Said That Brought Tears To His Eyes [INTERVIEW]

We had a long conversation with D.L. Hughley, and he shared a nice story about what a white couple said to bring tears to his eyes.

Why Black Celebrities Should Speak Out About Injustice [AUDIO]

No matter how much money got and what you have—you're Black, and you're dealing with the same racism that everybody else deals with.

Everything Bakari Sellers Said On “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” [INTERVIEW]

Bakari Sellers called in today and shared his thoughts about the church stunt Donald Trump pulled yesterday, and he also spoke about the possibility of Trump getting reelected. Let me know what you think.