Rickey Smiley Sings Foreigner “Waiting For A Girl Like You” [VIDEO]

I absolutely love the song "Waiting For A Girl Like You" by Foreigner, so I sang it at the Stardome!

What We Ate Labor Day Weekend [VIDEO]

Seems like Ms. Jannie was impressed by what I cooked for Labor Day!

The Problem With People Who Are Not Coachable [VIDEO]

If you’re not coachable, you’re not employable.

How I Got Started In Radio [VIDEO]

It wasn't easy getting to where I'm at in radio, but it's really a blessing to have a show.

Big Chris Performs Crucial Conflict’s “Hay” | Rickey Smiley Karaoke Night (Bimini) [VIDEO]

Things got turnt up at my Karaoke Night in Bimini when Big Chris performed "Hay" by Crucual Conflict!! That's me and Shamea Morton dancing on the stage... 😂😂😂

Does Ms. Jannie Have A Man In Her Hotel Room? [VIDEO]

I stopped by Ms. Jannie's hotel room to see if she was keeping company with a man.
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Holding People Accountable For Their Words [VIDEO]

Sometimes correction can be awkward and uncomfortable, but if you say something that’s a little off to me, let’s address it. We have to train people how to treat us.

One Of The Nicest People In The Entertainment Industry Was Shot [VIDEO]

A lot of us on the show absolutely love Chaka Zulu, so please pray for his healing.

Some Things Men Do To Make A Difference In Kids’ Lives [VIDEO]

A lot of us would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for good men.
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Why Wendy Williams Will Be Missed [VIDEO]

I really appreciate Wendy Williams for having me on her show.