Tamika Scott Sings Xscape’s “Who Can I Run To” [VIDEO]

Tamika Scott did a great job co-hosting the morning show, and she was also awesome as a performer at Rickey Smiley's Birthday Beach Blowout! Watch her sing the Xscape classic "Who Can I Run To," and catch up on more videos from the event…

Black Tony Uses Xscape Songs As Excuses [AUDIO]

Black Tony missed work again, but at least he was creative to incorporate Xscape songs into his excuses. Full show:

Kiki & Phat Tasha Sing Xscape Songs For Tamika Scott [AUDIO]

Kiki and Phat Tasha showed some love for Tamika Scott when they called in this week! And they even sang some Xscape songs for her!

Ms. Bert Talks About Xscape & SWV [VIDEO]

Ms. Bert may be a church lady, but she has some thoughts about Xscape, SWV and their music! Full show:

SWV On Why The Drama In Their Show Focused On Xscape [AUDIO]

The ladies of SWV figured out how to keep the public out of their business, but that's a lesson Xscape still needs to learn.

Where Things Stand With SWV & Xscape [AUDIO]

Toine the Don tells us what SWV said about working with Xscape.
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LaTocha & Rocky Address Rumors & Allegations, Kandi Burruss Responds [VIDEO]

Our conversation with LaTocha Scott and her husband got a little uncomfortable a few times, but here's the full version of the interview. After we talked to LaTocha and Rocky, Kandi Burruss called in and told us what she thought about some of…

Why Kandi Burruss Thinks SWV Should Open For Xscape [AUDIO]

Rickey Smiley and Da Brat talk about Kandi Burruss' belief that SWV should be the opening act for Xscape. What do you think?

Why Kandi Burruss & LaTocha Scott Can’t Get Along [AUDIO]

Kandi Burruss spoke about the ongoing issues between her and Xscape bandmate LaTocha Scott.