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Why Some Women Aren’t Shaving At All In January [AUDIO]

Are you participating in #Januhairy?? Or do you know someone who is? Full show:
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The Effects Of Social Media On Women [AUDIO]

Listen to Spirit talk about the effects social media can have on women.
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Types Of Women Men Should Not Take Anywhere [VIDEO]

This might be one of the funniest lists ever from Special K! Full show:
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Church Announcements: Searching For Women Who Sing Baritone [AUDIO]

The church is looking for women who sing baritone, and Ms. Bernice Jenkins talks about that and more in these church announcements! Full show:
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Women Rocking The Best Glasses [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley showed some love to these women who wore the best glasses to the all white concert during his Birthday Beach Blowout in Daytona Beach! Take a look at more videos from the event here:

Ladies Who Do Too Much With Their Bedrooms & Bathrooms [VIDEO]

Do you know any women who do way too much with their bedrooms and bathrooms??