Is Wendy Williams Broke? [VIDEO]

Here's Gary With Da Tea with the latest on Wendy Williams.

Wendy Williams’ Manager Shares Sad News About Her [AUDIO]

Wendy Williams isn't doing well, but at least she's in a facility getting help.

Why Wendy Williams’ Brother Isn’t Feeling Her Manager [AUDIO]

Wendy Williams' brother Tommy does not have good things to say about Wendy's manager Will Selby.

Info About Wendy Williams’ New Reality Show [AUDIO]

Wendy Williams is filming for a reality show, and Da Brat tells us about it in this Hot Spot. Full show:

Why Wendy Williams Was Right To Refuse Help [AUDIO]

A so-called fan offered Wendy Williams help, but she turned down the offer. Full show:

Wendy Williams’ Son Evicted [AUDIO]

Wendy Williams' ex-husband Kevin Hunter is having problems paying his bills since she left her talk show, and so is their son.

Why Wendy Williams Isn’t Speaking To Her Son [AUDIO]

Wendy Williams only has one child, and Gary With Da Tea tells us why she's not talking to her son Kevin Hunter Jr.
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Why Wendy Williams Will Be Missed [VIDEO]

I really appreciate Wendy Williams for having me on her show.

Why Wendy Williams Won’t Be Able To Return To TV When She Wants To [AUDIO]

Wendy Williams told "Good Morning America" she'll be ready to return to television in a few months. But the company that distributes "The Wendy Williams Show" says the earliest she can return in 2023.