That Time Special K Was Turned Away From The White House [AUDIO]

This story about Special K at the White House is funny AND true! Full show:
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Playing The Don’t Say “Uh” Game In Greenville, SC [VIDEO]

"The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" cast had 4 young men in Greenville, South Carolina attempt to speak for 30 seconds straight without say "uh," "ah" or "um"... Full show:
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Special K Has Rickey Smiley Feeling Some Type Of Way [VIDEO]

Should Rickey Smiley take Gary With Da Tea on the road since Special K only seems to want to open for other comics? Full show:

The Worst Gary With Da Tea Burn Ever? [AUDIO]

After Gary With Da Tea criticized Halle Bailey for posting a picture of her post-baby body in a bikini, Special K came through with a HILARIOUS clap back! Full show:

Rickey Smiley & Gary With Da Tea In A Tea Cup [VIDEO]

Special K caught Rickey Smiley in a tea cup on the Walt Disney World Mad Tea Party ride with Gary With Da Tea!

Why Special K’s Wife Didn’t Come Home Until 3 AM [AUDIO]

Special K talked about trusting his wife Shari to go out with other men and come home really late. Full show:
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Rickey Smiley So Happy To See Special K’s Wife! [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley is ALWAYS happy to see Special K's beautiful wife Shari! Here we are hanging out in-between performances during Jazz In The Gardens earlier this month...
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That Time “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” Cast Formed A UniverSoul Circus “Soul Train” Line! [VIDEO]

Back in 2016 Rickey Smiley had a great time at the UniverSoul Circus with Headkrack, Ms. Juicy, Special K, Gary With Da Tea and Da Brat! Watch their Soul Train line, and shout out to Rickey's mini look-alike Zeke!

How Maria More, Special K & Gary With Da Tea Ended Up On “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” [VIDEO]

Maria More started off this Mind Body Business segment about making the most of opportunities and being ready for your blessings. But the conversation turned in another direction... Full show:

Da Brat Gets Special K Together After Commenting On Nicki Minaj & Monica News [AUDIO]

Special K will probably just keep his mic off the next time Nicki Minaj or Monica are talked about on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show!" Full show:
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Skipping Contest [VIDEO]

Maria More and Special K were actually skipping, but Gary With Da Tea looked like he was prancing! Who won? Full show:
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Coming To The Stage: Huntsville [VIDEO]

Watch Rickey Smiley talk a little trash to Sean Larkins before Special K introduced him in Huntsville!
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Rickey Smiley’s Dressing Room Chronicles With Special K & Rita Brent [VIDEO]

Special K, Rita Brent and Rickey Smiley are performing in Huntsville again tonight! Here they are in Rickey's dressing room...