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Why Do Random People Talk To Rickey Smiley? [VIDEO]

Is there something about Rickey Smiley's face that makes random people come up to him and just start talking?

Rock-T & Maria More Make Shocking Confessions! [AUDIO]

It's official... ALL of the co-hosts on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" have been locked up! Full show:
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Rock-T Apology To Rickey Smiley [AUDIO]

Rock-T truly didn't need to apologize for missing Rickey Smiley's Birthday Beach Blowout in Daytona Beach! Full show:
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Dru Hill Turn Up! [VIDEO]

Have you ever done this dance when "Tell Me" by Dru Hill came on?

Joke Of The Day: Smell Mop… [AUDIO]

How did Rock-T do with this Joke Of The Day?

Notable Langston University Alumni [AUDIO]

Rock-T talks about Langston University and some of its famous alumni in this HBCU Know.

Thoughts About The NBA Playoffs [AUDIO]

Do you think it's over for the Lakers and Celtics?