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If Rihanna goes on tour in 2024, do you think her tour will make more money than Taylor Swift and Beyoncé? Full show:
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Drake Puts Women From His Past On Blast [AUDIO]

Drake spilled some Tea on his new album "For All The Dogs." Full show:
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What Rickey Smiley’s Grandkids Wear Vs. What Rihanna’s Kids Wear [VIDEO]

Some people buy designer clothes for kids, but Rickey Smiley prefers Walmart! Full show:
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Rumor About Beyonce & Rihanna Squashed [AUDIO]

This rumor about Beyoncé and Rihanna has finally been laid to rest! Full show:
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Intruder Attempts To Propose To Rihanna [AUDIO]

Seems like this intruder was more eager to propose to Rihanna than A$AP Rocky.
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What Rihanna Said About Her Life As A Mom [AUDIO]

Seems like Rihanna is really enjoying this phase of her life.
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Why Donald Trump Should Keep Rihanna’s Name Out His Mouth [AUDIO]

Donald Trump had the nerve to criticize Rihanna's performance at the Super Bowl even though he stays losing.
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Why Stephen A. Smith Apologized To Rihanna [AUDIO]

Do you think what Stephen A. Smith said about Rihanna is disrespectful?