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Special K’s Ready To Take Kiki & Phat Tasha Out To Eat [VIDEO]

Even Red Lobster couldn't get Kiki excited to hang out with Special K!

Why Kiki & Phat Tasha Were Kicked Out Of Golden Corral [AUDIO]

Listen to Kiki and Phat Tasha fuss at each other after they were thrown out of a Golden Corral restaurant! Full show:

Kiki & Phat Tasha Headed To The Waffle House! [AUDIO]

Kiki and Phat Tasha fussed at each other all the way to the Waffle House! Full show:

Rickey Smiley Talks To Phat Tasha, Kiki & Mr. Thomas! [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley checked in with Phat Tasha, Kiki and Mr. Thomas during his Karaoke Night this week at the Dania Improv!

Kiki Helps Phat Tasha Get To Urgent Care [AUDIO]

Jerk Chicken Alfredo from the Dollar Store messed Phat Tasha up, so Kiki had to take her to urgent care! Full show:

Kiki & Phat Tasha Sing Tems’ “Free Mind” [AUDIO]

Kiki and Phat Tasha butchered "Free Mind" by Tems, and it was absolutely hilarious! Full show:

Kiki & Phat Tasha Stranded On The Side Of The Road [AUDIO]

Rickey Smiley know Kiki and Phat Tasha are going through it, but is tickled by this situation! Full show:

Kiki & Phat Tasha Looking For Dick’s! [AUDIO]

Kiki has a fan at Dick's Sporting Goods, so she and Phat Tasha are looking for it! Full show:

Music For Phat Tasha’s Playlist [VIDEO]

Here's another hilarious call from my girl Phat Tasha! Full show:

Kiki & Phat Tasha Sing Xscape Songs For Tamika Scott [AUDIO]

Kiki and Phat Tasha showed some love for Tamika Scott when they called in this week! And they even sang some Xscape songs for her!