Michelle Obama, Rickey Smiley

Michelle Obama & Common’s Mother Share The Same Parenting Perspective [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama and Common's mother Dr. Mahalia Hines are on the same page when it come to parents being friends with their children.
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Why It’s Good To Tell Your Kids No Sometimes [VIDEO]

Here's another great word from Pastor Keion Henderson.
Michelle Obama, Rickey Smiley

How To Avoid Making Parenting Mistakes [AUDIO]

We had Dr. Alduan Tartt the show to talk about getting the best out of your kids by mixing love and discipline. Full show:

Overcomplicating Parenting Puts Everyone In Jeopardy [AUDIO]

Why is it that all of us are scared of something, but the kids are scared of nothing and nobody?

Healthy Parenting Tips [AUDIO]

Take a listen to these healthy parenting tips from Maria More.

Stick To Your Parenting Principles [AUDIO]

Don’t waiver on your parenting principles, even if that makes you unpopular with your kids.

The Difference Between Parenting & Grandparenting [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley is a lot different as a grandparent than he was as a parent to his children!