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Evaluating Gary With Da Tea’s Feet & Outfit [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley criticizes Gary With Da Tea's outfits a lot, but Rickey actually had something nice to say about Gary's look this day! But the feet... not so much. Full show:

Questions About Gary With Da Tea’s Outfit [VIDEO]

Another questionable outfit worn by Gary With Da Tea! Full show:

Rickey Smiley Roasts His Own Outfit! [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley joked on Panga's outfit, but he also roasted his own outfit!
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Rickey Smiley Reviews Gary With Da Tea’s Tea Party Outfit [VIDEO]

Gary With Da Tea hosted a Tea Party today during Rickey Smiley's Birthday Beach Blowout in Daytona Beach, and Rickey stopped by to check out Gary's outfit! Watch more videos from Rickey Smiley's Birthday Beach Blowout below!

Dude Roasted Rickey Smiley’s Outfit On His Way To Rehab! [VIDEO]

Smitty came up to Rickey Smiley while boarding a flight, roasted Rickey's outfit and made Rickey's whole day!

Rickey Smiley Wore The Wrong Outfit To Le’Andria Johnson’s Birthday Party [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley was happy to be at Le'Andria Johnson's classy 40th birthday party, but no one told him he was supposed to wear all black!