Words Of Appreciation By Will Kay [VIDEO]

Will Kay aka Ms. Bert made this appreciation video about being on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show."

What Ms. Bert Ate For Breakfast After Doctor Tells Her To Eat Light [AUDIO]

If this is a light breakfast, just imagine what Ms. Bert eats for a heavy breakfast!

Ms. Bert Talks About The Sad Church Collection [AUDIO]

Not much can be done with the money from this collection plate!

Ms. Bert Talks About Xscape & SWV [VIDEO]

Ms. Bert may be a church lady, but she has some thoughts about Xscape, SWV and their music! Full show:

Why Ms. Bert Needs A Lawyer [AUDIO]

Things just ain't the same at the car wash since Ms. Bert came through!

Why Ms. Bert Was Suspended From The Choir [AUDIO]

The church choir just isn't the same without Ms. Bert!

Why Ms. Bert Missed Church [AUDIO]

Rickey Smiley wasn't the only one who missed church this past weekend! Full show:

What Ms. Bert Said About The Super Bowl [AUDIO]

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Ms. Bert Tells How She Makes Dressing [AUDIO]

Ms. Bert called us this morning and told us how she makers her dressing!