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Bernice Jenkins Talks To Harriet Tubman, MLK, Maya Angelou, Paul Mooney & Michael Jackson About The Montgomery Brawl [AUDIO]

Bernice Jenkins called her friend Cora and some celebrities in heaven to talk about the big brawl at the Montgomery Riverfront. Listen to Ms. Bernice talk to Cora, Harriet Tubman, MLK, Maya Angelou, Paul Mooney and Michael Jackson. Full…

Bernice Jenkins Celebrates Michael Jackson With James Brown & Maya Angelou In Heaven [AUDIO]

Bernice Jenkins called Cora in heaven to show some love to Michael Jackson on his heavenly birthday, and also spoke to James Brown and Maya Angelou!

Bernice Jenkins Talks Heavenly COVID Shots + Chats With Maya Angelou, James Brown & Michael Jackson [AUDIO]

Bernice Jenkins called heaven to check in on her good friend Cora, and was surprised to hear that Cora and people resting up above are getting heavenly COVID shots! Bernice also chatted with Maya Angelou, James Brown and Michael Jackson!