Kiki & Phat Tasha Sing Xscape Songs For Tamika Scott [AUDIO]

Kiki and Phat Tasha showed some love for Tamika Scott when they called in this week! And they even sang some Xscape songs for her!

Kiki & Phat Tasha Sing Tems Song [VIDEO]

Kiki and Phat Tasha called "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" today singing Tems' song "Free Mind," but Rickey couldn't have a conversation with them because he couldn't stop laughing! Full show:

Kiki & Phat Tasha Shop At The Dollar Store For Toys [AUDIO]

Kiki and Phat Tasha went to the dollar store for toys, but that wasn't the only thing that caught their attention!

Kiki & Phat Tasha Talk About Their Thanksgiving Plans [AUDIO]

Kiki checked in on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show," and Phat Tasha couldn't help but show how excited she is for Thanksgiving!

Kiki’s List Of Jobs You Shouldn’t Get Fired From & Phat Tasha Checks In [AUDIO]

Kiki called the show to give us her top 3 list of jobs you shouldn't get fired from, but Phat Tasha jumped on the phone and we got off track. 😂😂😂