Taught My Grandson How To Swing On His Own [VIDEO]

No more pushing... finally taught Grayson how to swing

My Grandson Explains Why He Cut His Hair [VIDEO]

Grayson cut his hair AND his clothes at school yesterday.

Getting Ready For Church With My Grandson [VIDEO]

I'm finna hurt 'em at church with these Paw Patrol shoes! 🐾

Celebrating My Grandson & Granddaughter’s Birthdays! [VIDEO]

I had some friends and family come over to celebrate Storm's 2nd birthday and Grayson's 5th birthday!

Why My Grandson Is Playing Football [VIDEO]

My grandson is going to be a certain type of tough. He's out there developing manhood, toughness and character.

Easter Egg Hunt For My Grandkids [VIDEO]

Enjoying watching Grayson and Storm search for Easter eggs ❤️❤️
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My Grandson Is Obsessed [VIDEO]

Speedboats... monster trucks... monster trucks... speedboats... Someone please come check on Grayson... He is obsessed!

My Grandson Tells Me About The Trouble He’s Been Getting Into [VIDEO]

Grayson came clean and admitted what he's been getting into at pre-school.

Hanging Out With My Grandson (2017) [VIDEO]

Me and my grandson Grayson aka Pop Pop hanging out a few years ago.