God Has Kept You [AUDIO]

Listen to this Praise Break from Pastor Frederick Haynes inspired by Marvin Sapp. Full show:

Won’t He Do It! [AUDIO]

Pastor Frederick Haynes talks about several ways God comes through. Full show:

God Is Perfect Love [AUDIO]

"We grow through what we go through." Pastor Frederick D. Haynes III Full show:
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The Storm Is Passing Over [VIDEO]

Pastor Frederick Haynes III reminds us that troubles don’t last always, and neither does trouble. Full show:
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God’s Goodness Overrules The Bad [VIDEO]

Pastor Frederick D. Haynes III says that even when life is tough, God is good. Full show:
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Happy To See Pastor Haynes! [VIDEO]

Everyone in the studio was happy to see Pastor Frederick D. Haynes III last month when he visited last month!

Life Is Lived From The Inside Out [AUDIO]

“It’s not about what you drive, it’s about what drives you.” Pastor Frederick D. Haynes, III Full show:

Life Can Be Overwhelming [AUDIO]

Here's a good word from Pastor Frederick D. Haynes for anyone who's ever felt like life is just too much.

Life Is Unfair, But God Is Good [AUDIO]

Pastor Haynes reminds us that God is good, even when life isn’t fair.