God Is Good All The Time, And All The Time God Is Good [AUDIO]

Pastor Frederick D. Haynes says God’s goodness overrules the bad we’re going through. Full show:

You Do Not Find Happiness, You Create Happiness [AUDIO]

“Have the blessed day ever knowing it’s going to be a brighter day, and a brighter day starts in you.” Pastor Frederick D. Haynes III Full show:

With God, Failure Is Not Fatal [AUDIO]

God can use the mistakes we’ve made to grow us and give us wisdom.

There Is An Enemy To Your Destiny [AUDIO]

“God’s goodness is always overruling the devil’s evil.” Pastor Frederick D. Haynes

Trouble Don’t Last Always [AUDIO]

"God gives you the strength that you need to navigate what you’re going through." Pastor Frederick D. Haynes, III
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Playing Piano & Singing With Stephanie Mills! [VIDEO]

Me, Stephanie Mills and Pastor Frederick Haynes had a good time on AND off the air!