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Donald Trumped Injured During Pennsylvania Rally [VIDEO]

According to the Secret Service, Donald Trump is safe after this incident in Pennsylvania. What are your thoughts?
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The Challenge Joe Biden Should Accept From Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Do you think President Joe Biden will accept any of the challenges from Donald J. Trump? Full show:
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Donald Trump Tells His Supporters What He Really Thinks Of Them [VIDEO]

Even when #DonaldTrump disrespects his supporters, they still ride for him. Full show:
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What Donald Trump Could Be Facing After Being Found Guilty [AUDIO]

Do you think being convicted will cause Donald Trump to lose the presidency again or get reelected?
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Trump Vs. Biden On Stuttering… [VIDEO]

Guess which one makes fun, and which one gives words of encouragement.

Is Big Chris Wearing Donald Trump Shoes? [VIDEO]

FunnyMaine thinks Big Chris is wearing DonaldvTrump shoes in this video!
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Is Donald Trump The Architect Of His Own Undoing? [AUDIO]

Listen to Jeff Johnson's commentary about Donald Trump. Full show:

Why Nikki Haley & Donald Trump Sound Crazy [AUDIO]

Troubling statements from Republican presidential candidates.

Why People Continue To Support Donald Trump [AUDIO]

It seems like some people stick by Donald Trump no matter how much trouble he gets into. Full show:

What Omarosa Thinks About Donald Trump’s 2024 Run For President [VIDEO]

Omarosa used to work for Donald Trump and weighed on his attempt to get back in the White House. Full show:

Why Donald Trump’s Time At The Fulton County Jail Was So Offensive [VIDEO]

Gary With Da Tea spent more time in the Fulton County Jail for a traffic ticket than Donald T rump did for trying to overthrow an election. Full show:

Did CNN Legitimize Donald Trump? [AUDIO]

What do you think about Donald Trump's town hall on CNN?

Bakari Sellers Talks About Donald Trump’s 3 Biggest Problems [INTERVIEW]

Donald Trump's prediction that he would be arrested has not come true, and in this interview, Bakari Sellers talks about the three major issues facing the former President Of The United States.