Darius Bradford Is Confused [AUDIO]

Darius says he thought the of "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" was off for Veteran's Day two days after the holiday. Full show:

Darius Bradford Blames Missing Work On His Wall Clock [AUDIO]

Do you think this excuse from Darius Bradford is legit? Full show:

Advice From Darius Bradford’s Therapist [AUDIO]

Darius Bradford didn’t come to work to fill in for Black Tony, but after taking advice from his therapist, he says RICKEY SMILEY is triggering HIM. Full show:

Why Black Tony & Darius Didn’t Make It To The StarDome [VIDEO]

Is anybody surprised that Black Tony AND Darius Bradford missed our live broadcast at the StarDome? Full show:

Darius Bradford On Dating An Older Woman: “Everything She Do Is Comfortable” [AUDIO]

Darius Bradford missed filling in for Black Tony because his 60-something-year-old woman got him feeling too good! Full show:

Darius Blames Labor Day For Missing Work [AUDIO]

Ya boy Darius Bradford called in with another excuse... Full show:

Where Is Black Tony? [AUDIO]

Black Tony is M.I.A., and so is his fill-in Darius Bradford!

Darius Bradford Makes Complicated Excuses For Black Tony [AUDIO]

Black Tony and Darius Bradford just can't get it together. Full show:

Darius Bradford Cuts Off Black Tony [AUDIO]

Seems like even Darius Bradford is done with Black Tony... we'll see. Full show: