Rickey Smiley’s Son Brandon Passed Away [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley went live on social media to talk about the loss of his son Brandon. Please keep Rickey and his family in your prayers.

Chef Boudreaux Making Dessert At Rickey Smiley’s Home [VIDEO]

Last month Chef Boudreaux catered dinner Rickey Smiley's home for his team and made this Bananas Foster with Blue Bell Ice Cream for dessert!
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Special K & Chef Boudreaux Set Off A Whole Situation In Rickey Smiley’s Home! [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley put Special K and Chef Boudreaux on blast for what they did in my this week!

Chef Boudreaux Pasta Station [VIDEO]

Check out this pasta station ChefBoudreaux set up at Rickey Smiley's apartment.

How To Make Chef Boudreaux’s Curry Chicken [VIDEO]

Watch this video to see how Chef Boudreaux makes Jamaican-style Curry Chicken!

How To Make Boudreaux-Style Chili [VIDEO]

Chef Boudreaux from Boudreaux's Catering is back! Watch him make Chili for the first time...

How To Make Crawfish/Boudin Baguette Bites [VIDEO]

Chef Boudreaux is back with a Crawfish/Boudin Baguette Bites recipe!

How To Make Shrimp & Lobster Rolls [VIDEO]

Here's Chef Boudreaux showing you how to make Shrimp & Lobster Rolls.

How To Make Bruschetta [VIDEO]

Watch Chef Boudreaux make Bruschetta—a fun and quick dish you can serve as an appetizer.

How To Make Vinaigrettes [VIDEO]

Making vinaigrette isn't as hard as it seems, so watch Chef Boudreaux show you how to do it!!

How To Make Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Blanched Green Beans [VIDEO]

​Chef Boudreaux learned how to cook from his mother Sophia, and even she approved of this Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Blanched Green Beans meal he made at home in New Orleans!