Black Tony Waiting On His Daddy [AUDIO]

Black Tony is all up in his feelings as he waits for his daddy. Full show: 08.31.23 Embed:

Is Black Tony At The Hospital Or Walmart? [VIDEO]

Black Tony says he's in the hospital, but it sure sounds a lot like Walmart in the background! Full show:

Black Tony’s Plan To Be A Better Parent [AUDIO]

Black Tony doesn't seem to know how old his kids are, but he says he wants to be a better parent to them.

Black Tony’s Dealing With Dog Problems [AUDIO]

Black Tony says he missed work because of dogs and Big Mama. Full show:
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What Referees Told Me About Black Tony [VIDEO]

People always have something to say to Rickey Smiley about Black Tony and his excuses for missing work!

Where Is Black Tony? [AUDIO]

Black Tony is M.I.A., and so is his fill-in Darius Bradford!

JahLion Sound Is Sick Of Black Tony! [AUDIO]

JahLion is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. But even he’s had enough of Black Tony and his excuses! Full show:

Black Tony Got Beat Up! [AUDIO]

Black Tony wanted Rickey Smiley and the team from "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" to come and fight! Full show:

Darius Bradford Makes Complicated Excuses For Black Tony [AUDIO]

Black Tony and Darius Bradford just can't get it together. Full show:

Darius Bradford Cuts Off Black Tony [AUDIO]

Seems like even Darius Bradford is done with Black Tony... we'll see. Full show: