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Another day, another excuse from Black Tony's fill-in Darius Bradford... Full show:

Why Black Tony Kidnapped Coach Nick Saban [AUDIO]

Black Tony officially went too far by kidnapping Nick Saban, even though it was for a good cause! Full show:

Black Tony Going To Counseling? [AUDIO]

Rickey Smiley will believe Black Tony is missing work to go to counseling when he sees it! Full show:

Tamika Scott Has Black Tony Beat! | Rickey Smiley Karaoke Night: Atlanta [VIDEO]

Tamika Scott fills in on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" every now and then, but she's already been to work more than Black Tony!

Black Tony Apology [AUDIO]

Black Tony says he's listening his girl, but he still didn't make it to work. Full show:,

Why Black Tony & Darius Didn’t Make It To The StarDome [VIDEO]

Is anybody surprised that Black Tony AND Darius Bradford missed our live broadcast at the StarDome? Full show:,

Black Tony Blames His Uncle For Missing Work [VIDEO]

Black Tony always has an excuse for missing work, and this time he blamed his 5-year-old uncle. Full show:,

Black Tony Needs A New Heart? [VIDEO]

Don't feel sorry for Black Tony... this might be his worst excuse ever for missing work! Full show: