Rickey Smiley’s Son Brandon Passed Away [VIDEO]

Rickey Smiley went live on social media to talk about the loss of his son Brandon. Please keep Rickey and his family in your prayers.

Church Announcements: Looking For Grown-Faced Little Boys [AUDIO]

Bernice Jenkins has your Church Announcements... Does anybody know a boy that looks like Peabo Bryson or Eddie LeVert in the face?

Church Announcements: Relatives Of Gospel Stars Struggle [VIDEO]

The church booked some relatives of Gospel artists, but the tickets aren't selling so good. Listen to what Bernice Jenkins said about this and more in her Church Announcements!

Church Announcements: Wet Choir Robe Twerk Contest [AUDIO]

Bernice Jenkins got your Church Announcements about the upcoming wet robe twerk contest!

Church Announcements: Baby Born With A Full James Harden Beard! [AUDIO]

Bernice Jenkins got your Church Announcements about the baby that was born with a full beard like James Harden's!

Church Announcements: Why 19-Year-Old Twins Got Locked Up [AUDIO]

Bernice Jenkins got your Church Announcements about twins that been getting in trouble since they were babies.

Church Announcements: Ugly Baby Month [AUDIO]

Bernice Jenkins got your Church Announcements, and here's what she told the congregation about Ugly Baby Month...
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Church Announcements: Artificial Foot With Real Toes [VIDEO]

Bernice Jenkins has Church Announcements about the usher who now has an artificial foot with real toes!

Church Announcements: Usher Board Member Most Built Like A Bell Pepper Contest [AUDIO]

Bernice Jenkins has the latest Church Announcements, and this time she's talking about the contest for the member of the Usher Board that looks the most like a Bell Pepper! Full show:

Church Announcements: First Lady Fight [AUDIO]

Listen to these Church Announcements about a fight that popped of between the First Lady and the Pastor's ex. Full show:

Church Announcements: How To Avoid Getting Your Pocketbooks Snatched In The Church Parking Lot [AUDIO]

Listen to this safety tip from Ms. Bernice Jenkins on how keep your pocketbook safe in the church parking lot!