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Black Gubernatorial Candidate Claims Black People OWE Reparations [AUDIO]

North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is running for Governor, and says Black people are not due reparations, but OWE reparations. Full show:
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Is Donald Trump The Architect Of His Own Undoing? [AUDIO]

Listen to Jeff Johnson's commentary about Donald Trump. Full show:

Jeff Johnson Celebrates His Son [AUDIO]

More fathers should say things like this to their children. Full show:

Conversation About T.I. & Tiny’s Conflict With Their Son King [AUDIO]

T.I. and Tiny aren't just friends to the cast of "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show," they're like family. Rickey Smiley really hates what happened with their son King at the Atlanta Falcons game this weekend, and he talked about the situation…, ,

Republicans’ Race To The Bottom [AUDIO]

Listen to what Jeff Johnson said about Senator Markwayne Mullin challenging Teamsters president Sean O'Brien to a fight. Full show:
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Why Did Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Switch Political Parties? [AUDIO]

Jeff Johnson brought it to our attention that Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson switched from the Democratic to Republican Party just months after getting reelected. Why do you think Mayor Johnson did that? Full show:

Why People Continue To Support Donald Trump [AUDIO]

It seems like some people stick by Donald Trump no matter how much trouble he gets into. Full show:

How Deion Sanders Is Changing Coaching [AUDIO]

Jeff Johnson summed up Deion Sanders’ aka Coach Prime’s impact: “He’s not demanding excellence from his players, he’s an example of it.” Full show:

Is Tim Scott The Best Of The Worst Republican Candidates? [AUDIO]

Do you think Senator Tim Scott has a good chance at becoming getting the Republican nomination to be the next President Of The United States? Full show:

3 Things Jeff Johnson Has Learned From Rickey Smiley [AUDIO]

Jeff Johnson took his time on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" to honor Rickey Smiley on his birthday. Full show:

What Went Wrong With The Gathering Spot [AUDIO]

The Gathering Spot was great for the culture, and Jeff Johnson explains what went wrong.

In Defense Of Ja Morant… [AUDIO]

Jeff Johnson doesn’t think NBA Commissioner Adam Silver should suspend Ja Morant. Do you agree or disagree with Jeff?

Did CNN Legitimize Donald Trump? [AUDIO]

What do you think about Donald Trump's town hall on CNN?