Ms. Jannie On FaceTime [VIDEO]

I shouted Ms. Jannie out on FaceTime before I went onstage in Biloxi!

Memorable Moments From My Week! (Ending 10/15/21) [VIDEO]

Watch Toine the Don recap some highlights from this past week!

I Saved A Baby Chipmunk’s Life [VIDEO]

This morning I saw a baby chipmunk in my pool, so I got it out and saved its life!

How To Make Chili Biscuit Bombs [VIDEO]

Shout out to Cooking With Jan for showing us how to make Chili Biscuit Bombs!

“Jerry Jones” Talks About The Dallas Cowboys Defeating The New York Giants [VIDEO]

The Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants, but “Jerry Jones” already has his eyes on the Super Bowl!

Guessing Shoe Sizes [VIDEO]

I sold shoes for so long, that I can look at anybody’s feet and tell what size they wear.

Memorable Moments From My Week! (Ending 10/08/21) [VIDEO]

Shout out to Toine The Don for recapping my week!!

How To Make Shrimp & Lobster Rolls [VIDEO]

Here's Chef Boudreaux showing you how to make Shrimp & Lobster Rolls.

How To Make Calabaza Pumpkin & Canellini Bean Ragu With Seared Lobster & Shrimp [VIDEO]

Chef Irie has a recipe with fall flavors and ingredients. Check out this Calabaza Pumpkin and Canellini Bean Ragu with Seared Lobster and Shrimp!