How Comic Pierre Helped Me [VIDEO]

Pierre was really nice to me when I first met him early in my career, and he even let me stay with him when I went to Los Angeles. I’ll never forget what Pierre has done for me.

Going Through Chris’ Phone [VIDEO]

Be sure to watch to the end to hear Chris Smith's new song!

Dancing With Friends In The Bahamas (2021) [VIDEO]

Dancing to "What A Fool Believes" by The Doobie Brothers with friends in Bimini, Bahamas back in May!

When Half Body & Full Body Got To Fighting… [VIDEO]

This story about and a half body and full body man fighting was too much!

Asian Bao With Glazed Salmon [VIDEO]

Our boy Chef Irie is back with another exotic dish, and here he is making Asian Bao with Glazed Salmon!

Why Black Tony Was Taking Estrogen [AUDIO]

Black Tony said he didn't come to work because of what these estrogen pills did to him!

Trina Ellis Sings Glenn Jones’ “I’ve Been Searchin’” [VIDEO]

Ms. Jannie pulled out some panties for Trina Ellis while Trina sang "I've Been Searchin'" by Glenn Jones at the Stardome!
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Ms. Jannie: “This Is What Keeps Me Living” [VIDEO]

Ms. Jannie is a national treasure, and I been knowin’ her my whole life. So we celebrated her 84th birthday last night at the Stardome!