Comedian Rickey Smiley has dealt with these immensely difficult questions for years—first with his father, then with his son. Both battled drug addictions. Both died from overdoses. Both left Rickey weary and wounded.

Far from healed, Rickey has learned how to find moments of peace. He’s practicing how to hold the good with the grief, the past gifts with the present heartache, the hope with the hurt. It’s the “sideshow” he’s living. It’s anything but a smooth path, but he’s on it, and he’s moving forward. And he invites you to come with him.

Join a fellow hurting soul as he sits with his trauma, leans into therapy, and relies heavily on his faith and Scripture, which give him solace and strength. Rickey and his story will help you:

❏ Feel seen and know you are not alone
❏ Process your pain and manage weariness and grief
❏ Invite God’s strength into your weakness
❏ Find a way forward and move toward peace

Our pain may take hold of us in ways that are crippling, out of nowhere, and impossible to control. But there is One who can hold us tighter and keep us grounded, who gives the gift of peace that goes beyond understanding and guides us through each day.

Sideshow: Living With Loss And Moving Forward With Faith” by Rickey Smiley will be available on September 17th and can be pre-ordered here.

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